Sunday, June 27, 2004

Two Observations on San Francisco

I have two observations on San Francisco. One banal the other serious. No one seems to jay-walk in this town. I'm trying to figure out if this is due to the orderliness of the pedestrians or if it's a comment on the aggressiveness, or cluelessness, motorists. When I cut across a street in the middle of the block, or I cross at the intersection when the cross walk signal is red, yet there is no vehicular traffic, I get the oddest stares. I guess I'm not on the east coast anymore Toto. San Francisco has a serious homelessness problem. Panhandlers are everywhere downtown. I'm not used to this anymore. New York for better or for worse doesn't appear to have this many folks out on the streets. That might be a perception thing. I'm not up on statistics on the homeless. It's sad for such a progressive city to have this kind of problem.


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