Monday, June 28, 2004

Technical Session Wrap Up for Monday at JavaOne

It was a very frenetic day at JavaOne. I'm still trying to digest it all. After the keynote I headed over to the pavilion where various Java related vendors were hawking their warez. I didn't spy anything that interesting except for a new low memory requirement app server from a company called Trifork 4 that is a 100% pure J2EE 1.4 compliant app server. As far as sessions go I attended a bunch today everything from low level memory debugging in the JVM to WSRP/JSR168 integration. It's around 10pm PST and I'm still going. I'm going to take in one more session before I collapse for the night. That one is going to address Java Server Faces and Struts integration which should be interesting in light of the information I heard on Sunday. The best talk of the day was on real world SOA from a team at Sun. They've done some good work on SOA and what it means to the architect. They've also address some of the practical aspects like how are all these disparate specs and technologies going to be integrated into a single coherent approach. It seems like Sun is doing their homework here and project KittyHawk is already bearing some fruit. The demo-ed a tool built into Sun Studio 7 that visually created a web service, hooked it into an EJB. Very nice to see this kind of stuff coming from Sun. The more I look at these things the more I'm coming to the realization that visual IDE's may be the only way any of this stuff is going to work. I've written WSDL by hand for simple services and it's not pretty and that's just the service description. Generating code from WSDL is by no means standardized. Someone has to engineer out the complexity. Sun may be stepping up to the plate.


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