Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Nokia Keynote

I made it to the Nokia Keynote a bit late but in the few minutes I've caught I'm impressed. JavaOne is about the Java ecology and economy. A very vibrant and vital part of that ecology is the mobile market. These guys are really innovating on the Java platform. They are creating great mobile applications and more importantly they are baking in manageability. They are doing this working with their competitors and developing standards to improve the customer experience and grow the overall market. Isn't this better than dividing the market by creating non-standard, proprietary solutions? Nokia is really bullish on web services as a way to enrich the mobile market by making development easier. Multiplayer gaming is also something Nokia wants to promote in their platform. They will be integrating their Snap mobile gaming framework in the Sun Wireless Toolkit in early 2005. Nokia wants to make mobile simpler for everyone: developers, operators and end-users.


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