Tuesday, June 29, 2004

McNealy Keynote at JavaOne

I'm sitting in the first row all the way up front on stage right this time. I want to get a closer look at the t-shirt flinging devices that James Gosling will be demoing. Yesterday's entry was pretty potent. It was essentially a nitrogen powered air cannon. The dang thing was hurling t-shirts all the way from the front of the main auditorium to the back. The mentioned that they had to back off the pressure because they were putting dents in the back wall during rehearsal. The whole thing was controlled via a web page and java application rigged to a controller on the cannon. Nifty. Anyway now to the heart of the matter. McNealy shows up with news papers with great press on Sun and Java. He sees the press is turning around. The one paper that had a bad story he tossed on the floor. Classic McNealy. McNealy comments that even though things are turning around things are not great. He was not happy to be in a Playboy article where he was painted along with other corporate CEOs, some notorious, where the lead was "Where is the Outrage" on CEO pay. He's not happy about it because he says his paycheck is pretty thin these days. He joked that we all now have a reason to buy Playboy. He's echoing the themes: everything and everyone connected to the network, Java is everywhere. Mobile is really big. Ringtone downloads, SMS messages, are all up the roof. Home automation is an area he would like to see get more attention. But the scale of the mobile market is huge. McNealy thinks Sun has under-hyped Java. Past complaints from the industry were that Sun was over-hyping Java. He thinks they didn't realize how big Java was. Now the Open Source Java issue. Who should be in charge of Java? Can Sun be the steward of Java? Is Sun going to make it? What happens to Java if Sun bites the big one? Well he reinforces Sun's financial position is strong, their IP inventory is huge, and they still have a great brand. Sun is gaining market share, not counting this quarter, they have grown their server share by 22%. He's hinting to pay attention to this quarter, just in SPARC, these numbers don't include AMD and Intel. He's concluding by saying Sun's stewardship of Java will continue. Sun benefits from Java and won't reduce their spending on the platform. He speaks about the Fujitsu relationship as well and about new processors technologies (Chip Multi-threading). This is a great thing for Sun hardware and their platform in general. He just flashed a picture of him and Balmer smiling together. Sun and Microsoft now have a 10 year framework for collaboration. Java and .Net are the only platforms in town, they have the technologies and the developer base, so it makes sense for the two companies to cooperate. This summer there will be .Net and Java He mentioned that Bill Gates remarked that the Sun JVM and the MS CLR are not that different, yeah right, was that a Joke Bill? He's rolling an hilarious animation about about the cooperation and what Sun should do with the 2 Billion from Microsoft. Really funny I wonder if it will be available on line. Now he turns to the community theme. Sun is the first company to base its OS on open source. Remember the old SunOS days? That was BSD. NFS is a classic Sun OSS win. He supports open source and thinks the JCP is a great organization to do this kind of stuff. Sun is the biggest company that contributes to open source. He thinks java.net is important. Open/Star office is an important community. There is a lot of activity around communities at Sun. 550 Java user groups world wide. 4+ Million developers. His report card: 55 different organizations, ie not sun lead JSRs. Score A. Average of 40 new JSRs each year. Grade: A. 1/3 of all JSRs that have been submitted have been completed. Grade: C+. They need to get them done faster. JSR completion time. Grade: B. Microsoft and RedHat are absent from class. i.e. not in the JCP. he thinks Microsoft has a lot to contribute and that RedHat should just show up. Still more on this 3 year developer support with hardware. He's showing the new Opteron. They are going to sell 12 of these on eBay with a starting bid at $.01 with bid increments of $.01. Pretty cool. I've tried to get to ebay on the key note but again the wireless net in here is swamped. 600 Million Java Cards in the market today. Krishna Srinivasan of Frost and Sullivan is up on stage patting Sun on the back for JavaCard. He's presenting Sun with a Market Leadership reward for their excellence in advancing JavaCard. More now about Java market share. 650 Million desktops running Java. Allied Bank of Ireland is rolling out the largest financial customer moving to Java Desktop. Java Desktop has 21 OEMs, 1500 ISVs, with 1000s of desktops deployed. JDS systems are being sold at WallMart. StarOffice numbers are up as well. Hideya Kawahara(sp) again up on stage talking about Looking Glass. McNealy is giving the budget to open source it, and Hideya just annouce it's ready! A bit of theater but now Java 3D and Looking Glass are open source. Let's see what happens. Gaming is another important market. Mobile gaming is big. Chirs Melissinos is Sun's Chief Gaming Officer is up on stage and saying that Java can do games. Java can perform just as good as C or C++. Including 3D games. Java is being used in combination with C and C++ rendering to script the non-rendering aspects of the game. There is also an example of a 100% Java game engine that was really fast. Pretty impressive. The motion was really smooth and it was running on a very modest PC. It was running at about 300-400 rendered frames per second. Really impressive. Will Java make it into the console space? They just brought up Kevin Bachus from Infinium Labs, he was an original XBox project leaders. He's now releasing the Phantom gaming system. It will be the first gaming platform that will ship with the J2SE. It is a gaming receiver, which means games will be sold online and downloaded to the console over broadband. So Java games will have another outlet in November when the Phantom console is released. They are giving away the hardware for the Phantom to anyone that signs up for a subscription to the service. There will be another gaming announcement between Sun and Nokia on Wednesday. Three comments on "Where is the Outrage": Where is the outrage on stock options? He doesn't want congress to eliminate options as a compensation for employees. Where is the outrage on computer viruses? Java solves this problem. No one can name a Java virus. It should be a court-marshelable offense to write homeland security apps in win32. Where is the outrage on IBM? Why are they not contributing their IP back to the Java community? Why tell Sun to open source Java when you don't donate your IP back to the community. I must say I agree with all of these.


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