Wednesday, June 30, 2004

MBeans (and jconsole) Rock

The new support in the Tiger release of J2SE includes a MBean Server and a nifty utility called jconsole. This allows you to fully instrument and monitor any code you run from in the JVM. App servers have had MBean servers in them for a while but now this is being made a standard feature of the JVM. This significantly improves the manageability of Java applications from the client to the server. Fantastic. Tiger will also include jconsole which is a visual Swing app that lets you connect to a local or remote MBean server in the JVM. It allows you to interact with the MBeans deployed in the JVM. You can get and set properties and monitor properties by creating graphs of the values over time. Really slick. This kind of stuff is long overdue. It's great to see Sun do this kind of work.


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