Monday, June 28, 2004

JSF and Struts Interoperability

So far the discussion on Struts/JSF compatibility is pretty weak. Short on implementation although you can imaging that you'd have to adapt the Struts Action class implementations to the plain JSF command inputs. Of course it's being suggested that you use the JSF controller in front of the Struts controller. I think the discussion can be summed up as if you're doing new development then maybe you want to stick to one framework. If you've got a bunch of Struts code in house, a combined strategy may be a good approach since you can leverage the better visual component model of JSF with some of the stronger features of Struts (i.e. Client-side validation, Tiles, etc.) Some other tidbits:
  • The JSF team used HtmlUnit to verify rendering code.
  • Struts-faces.jar is still not ready for prime time. It has only been tested with the most simple examples.
  • A new JSR will probably be created to handle the Tiles-like functionality. It probably will be handled by another standard that would be cross compatible with all frameworks.
  • SiteMesh is another Tiles like framework.


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