Monday, June 28, 2004

JavaOne Keynote

This is going to be rough but I'll give it to you raw...I may re-edit later. Intro video, everywhere you look it is there. touting different projects nasa projects, looking glass, guys turning on blenders from their laptops using java. John K. gives general mc speech. Thriving with java. Jon Schwartz. Java economy is thriving, Sun's vision "everything and everyone connected to the network" Pretty interesting slide on how the connected or network market is huge. Computers represent about 1080M nodes but autos are 400M, handhelds 2600M, appliances and toys are 11000M. Java is all around us, rambling account of how java touches you every day, how your doctor may use RFID to track the right meds, how your car is connected to the network, how your cellphone and watch are connected to the net. etc. 3.5 Billion Ringtone market. 10% of all digital music is in ringtones. 3 Billion dollar java mobile game market. ROI on a $250,000 dollar game is recouped in days. 350 Million Java handsets. 600 Million Java Cards. 650 Million PCs with Java shipped to date. Market health. Is java slowing down? 100M JK Downloads since the beginning. 1.5M downloads of J2EE 1.4. 2.2 B in Java App servers, 110B in related IT Spending. All starting from zero just a few years ago. Sun estimates there are 4 Million Java developers. The Java Economy starts with ubiquity and that is driven by cross platform compatibility. This is different than popularity. Developers are what injects the creativity into the economy which drives the interest of industry and people with money to pump money in to reach end-users and customers and of course the cycle repeats. Cell phone handsets are a perfect example. Java is being used to create new content to be delivered over handsets to drive more money through cell phone companies. However the real question is not how the market makes money from java isn't the question how is Sun making money from Java? By Sun's estimate the Java economy is 100 Billion. Sun wants to grow the market by Cool demo of a MediTouch device powered by java on a cell phone app reading telemetry from a device JS is wearing that is reading his pulse and blood pressure via bluetooth. Qnext demo is an IM client similar to iChat, totally peer-to-peer. with video. Kinda cool. JS prediction: wall street didn't see the handset market coming, JS thinks automobiles are next. New nav systems are in every car and Java will be there. Dr. Roland Busch CEO of Siemens VDO division is speaking about how they are integrating Java into all of their nav systems. I hear a motor rev'ing in the background so out pops a convertible 3 series BMW. The thing has a Siemens java entertainment system built in. The guy demoing the system sounds like Arnold Schwartzenegger. The crowed thinks its funny. Performance considerations are key and Siemens have won performance awards using Java. Siemens has a development kit to build apps for this market. Pretty cool. BMW is first to get this but the next generation of this technology will be in another manufactures car very soon. Brining more developers to Java will need to be done by making Java faster, easier to use and more accessible. Ease of development is really where this is going. John Loiacono is now covering how Java is back on the client and how to broaden the appeal to developers by making Java easier. They want to make Studio Creator as simple as VB which means making developing Java simple, faster, visual and familiar. Demo of Creator. Not that exciting. The generated page looked pretty ugly and I would need to see more details on their "Drag and Drop" data binding before I would use it in production. It's interesting that Creator will be free. Sun Developer Network, SDN, is a yearly subscription for 99 dollars, bucks for conference attendees. Project Kitty Hawk is next which is Sun's SOA play. Sun may do some kind of promo on eBay where people bid on hardware/software bundles. Stay tuned. Hidea (sp?) Java 3D will be open source as well as Looking Glass. Final demo is a ringtone remixer. Take a ringtone, remix it and send it to a cell phone. Kinda spiffy. But again how does Sun make money from this? Interesting anecdote about a question JS asked a group of auto execs how many dollars in monthly services would they have to sell to an auto owner for the car to be free. Apparently with out batting an eye the execs said about $200/month. Cool eh?


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