Wednesday, June 30, 2004

IDEs may not be that evil after all....

I've been struggling with a new concept, at least for me: using and IDE for development. I would claim, that emacs is an IDE, at least once JDE is loaded. However some of the features I've been seeing in Eclipse and NetBeans are pretty slick. The visual profiling soon to be available in NetBeans is really cool. Even things like Studio Creator have some appeal. Of course most IDEs don't do some things that I really like about using "stone-age" tools like emacs, Ant, Maven, and CVS. Primarily the use of these tools makes my project portable to other platforms. That is to say, I can develop anywhere. Also in the case of Maven, it handles all of my project jar and classpath dependencies for me. That is worth a lot to me when I have to manage 10-20 supporting jar and tld files. NetBeans does run on all the platforms I care about (Linux, Solaris, Windows and Mac OS X) so that's a plus. I asked the NetBeans programmers if they were interested in adding support for Maven and they said there was a project ongoing to at least make NetBeans' project framework compatible with Maven. I'll have to keep an eye on NetBeans.


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