Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Groovy is Groovy

I couldn't disagree more with this assessment on Groovy. I attended the same session here at JavaOne and I think this kind of effort is exactly what Java needs. Groovy is not just a scripting language but it is a scripting language that was designed to integrate into the Java platform so that there are synergies in both directions. So Java code can be called and used to extend Groovy and Groovy can be used to from and used to extend Java. It also does it in a manner that is really appealing to someone who just wants to bang out some quick code to test a hypothesis, examine a new language feature, or just scratch an itch without investing a lot of time. Also I think it's great that Groovy compiles into JVM bytecode. As the JVM becomes more sophisticated and hopefully more widespread that it support multiple languages. In fact it may be critical to the spread of Java technology that other languages can be used to program on the Java platform. Microsoft stole the idea of the CLR directly from the JVM but they are innovating and allowing multiple languages to target the CLR. I think the Java community should return the favor.


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