Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Creator BOFs

The Creator team has found a way to compete for the attention of developers here at JavaOne. It simple. Just roll a keg of Sierra Nevada around with your speakers. Actually, the sessions and the products are interesting. Out of everything I've seen at here at the conference I think Creator sticks out. People who know me will realize what that means but just know that I am a complete curmudgeon when it comes to development environments. (There is no IDE but Emacs, thou shalt not put false IDEs before it.) There may be a whole cottage industry around JSF components but maybe more largely general components, similar to (egads!) COM objects, that might be dropped into Creator and integrated by other developers who just need to get stuff done. There is a theme here. Remember my comments on Groovy? One simple fact I forgot to mention was that Groovy helps people get things done. Isn't that what Java is all about?


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