Saturday, May 08, 2004

RSSI think I'm not the first one to notice that my RSS feed now has more hits than my home page. When I started paying attention to the stats in September of 2003 my RSS feed was somewhere around the number ten spot on top downloaded URLs. Now it's number one. I find it kind of interesting that this syndication thing is getting bigger. It seems like it's about to burst. I mean even companies like Sun are jumping on the bandwagon. I shouldn't really be surprised. I exclusively read all my favorite blogs via Bloglines. I guess I could get more functionality out of reading blogs with a local, non-web, aggregator but Bloglines is just so damn convenient. I want everything I use to work remotely on the net. Well, let me rephrase that. I want everything I do with a computer to be usable from the net maybe with some local caching here on my laptop for times that I'm not on line. It's just more liberating not being tied to a particular piece of hardware, not to mention tied to a particular operating system. This isn't a new idea. It was the idea that made Netscape so dangerous. Imagine a world where what operating system or hardware you were running didn't matter. All you needed was bandwidth and a good browser. No wonder Microsoft turned their boat so fast. They would have been dead had they not jumped in to embrace and extend the market into submission.


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