Friday, March 12, 2004

Not Your Average Choke-n-Puke

My partner and I are food junkies. We seek out the unique and exotic where ever we travel, which for us is frequent. Since we live near and in his case in New York City we're spoiled. We have access to every cuisine imaginable. However on a recent road trip to Pittsburgh and Morgantown, West Virginia, we were looking for that special American road food experience. Not just your run of the mill diner, mind you, but the real magilla: A family run place with great service, local ambiance, and delicious food served in mass quantities at low prices. On our way west we made the mistake of stopping at Trainer's Diner along I-78 just north of Harrisburg, PA. We should have been tipped off by the neighboring establishments which were basically a gas station and an adult bookstore. (Food, Gas, and Porn. A modern oasis?) Needless to say this visit almost dashed our dreams of finding that illusive roadside experience. However on the way back a few days later we crossed back from West Virgina into Pennsylvania on I-81 and stumbled upon exactly what we had idealized. In the sleepy 'burg of Greencastle, PA we found The Antrim House Restaurant and Coffee Shop. What a treat. The decor was Early Aunt Alice's and the staff was courteous and kind. They were blown away by our delight of finding such a place. They have a standard menu but the real gem here is the buffet, which is an all you can eat extravaganza of stick-to-your-ribs home cooking. Fried Chicken, roast Pork, bright yellow Mac-n-cheese, potatoes, Fried whitefish, mounds of veggies, were laid out in the back just waiting for the hungry traveler. Each dish cooked with the love and affection that only mom could muster. The experience was magical. I was almost afraid we'd be magically transformed into pigs a la Miyazaki. If you find yourself in that part of the world do drop in for a visit to this genuine slice of Americana and don't forget that slice of pie to finish things off. I didn't partake, but the assortment of home made desserts looked and smelled fantastic. Damn you Dr. Atkins.


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