Friday, May 30, 2003

Family Wardrive

It's bad enough that I'm a complete geek but when I drag the rest of my family into my technology fun fests its pathetic. Still I never thought I could get my oldest daughter up for a wardrive around my town, but somehow I did. So after dinner last night we hopped into the mini-van and took a spin around town. Equipped with my Tungsten|C and my G4 Powerbook we ran stumbler programs to see what we could see. Our town is just under two square miles. We decided to concentrate on two areas of town the north and south sides. That's roughly about two thirds of the town. Before we set out we tried to guess how many wireless access poitns we thought we would find. Gabriela guessed 10. I figured about 20. We also thought we might see more APs on the north side of town as opposed to the south side. We couldn't have been more wrong. After driving down two streets alone we found 10 APs. My estimate of 20 APs was surpassed after surveying half of the north side of town. In total we found 82 access points, most of them unencrypted and unprotected. We had no idea. My daughter got a big kick out of the fact that one of the schools in town had an AP who's SSID was "mainoffice" that was wide open. Guess we'd better confirm her grades with her teachers individually this year. I was also surprised that the Tungsten picked up more APs than the Powerbook. The Mac found about 20 APs. I knew the lack of an external antenna on the Powerbook would limit reception but I didn't think it would be that dramatic.

Wednesday, May 28, 2003

NYCwireless May Meeting

[ Sorry due to an ftp problem this live blog entry is somewhat delayed. Just pretend. ] Doc is here. Cool.... Same format as last month. Intro talk followed by breakout sessions. Not as many new folks tonight. Ben Serbin did his normal intro talk with some more technical details on a/b/g. Chris (?) is up now and he is a regional coordinator for the World Wide Wardrive! Yikes lots of distracted drivers between June 28th and July 5th. Sounds like a cool idea if they can get a ton of people. They might actually get meaningful stats for certain areas. I'm not sure what it will mean from a global perspective. Yuri Gitman is up now talking about forming a NYCwireless Art SIG. Like Noderunner...whacky. Of course this is pretty interesting because art is the ultimate application. Another goal of the Art SIG is to have people present vintage PDAs that have been resurrected into new life by becoming Dana Speigle(sp) is now up talking about the APP SIG. Mapping sofware for PDAs, community software for NYCwireless, portal software for location based setups are all on the agenda for the APP SIG. NYCwireless chat is location aware. Justin (?) speaking a bit on membership. I think that's been talked about this before. Ben's back. Yikes Freenetworks conference on hold. Looks like the time and place may have killed it. They may reschedule and go on the west coast.

Monday, May 12, 2003

Recent CD Purchases

Since Apple has launched Music Store, I have purchased the following 3 CDs in meatspace: Yes, I know it's terribly old fashioned of me to actually visit a store, but I couldn't find the first two titles in Apple's virtual one. (The third pick was an impulse buy.)