Thursday, January 30, 2003

Powers of Ten

How cool is thisl. A java based reconstruction of the grade school science room classic. [via Boing Boing]

Wednesday, January 29, 2003

Vivato Acid Test

I'm running iStumber now to see what this thing is going to do. Funny all 13 radios are coming up and down. It's driving iStumber crazy. It's working and its fast. No pricing yet.

NYC Wireless 3

OK finally the punch line Vivato makes equipment that does what they call Wi-Fi switching. Current Wi-Fi standards, like Ethernet, share the medium. In this case the airwaves. They claim to be able to extend signals from meter to kilometer distances. I can't wait for this guy. Here is a snippet from their web site.
Rather than transmit the radio energy in all directions, Vivato's PacketSteering concentrates the same amount of energy into a narrow, long beam. This beam is effectively a high-gain antenna that is formed for the duration of a packet transmission.
Kindof makes sense. It's linux based. The thing has 13 802.11b radios in it. It might be interesting to see what happens when you have 13 'g' radios. They have a planar phased antenna hooked up to all the radios to do the focusing. Sounds like radar. They were out today in central park trying to see what their product would do behind a glass hotel window. ItThe bottom line is they can cover a big area with one unit. Physically it's big and flat. It looks like it measures about 2.5'X3.5'. They are going to plug the damn thing in. We'll see...

NYC Wireless 2

John Ritche(sp?) of Vivato is presenting on his company's product. According to him Wi-Fi adoption was faster than ethernet adoption. (No kidding...) Apparently he credits Steve Job pushing Airport as the spark that set off the revolution. How do you extend the range of wi-fi without blowing out FCC standards on signal strength? With his product of course! I just wish he would get to the point faster.....

NYCwireless Monthly Meeting

I'm hanging at the NYCwireless monthly meeting. Pretty fun so far now that their AP is actually up. The meeting started with an intro by Ben Serebin on NYCwireless and some 802.11b basics. Another speaker (sorry missed his name) is up now going over the 802.11 alphabet soup. Lots of good Q&A going on. When the speaker doesn't know the answer someone out in the audience normally pipes up. Dana Spiegel, the applications SIG coordinator, did a quick plug for this wireless chat app they've got running.

Tuesday, January 28, 2003

State of the Union 2003

Last year I wrote: " Bush's State of the Union address was uninspiring." Anyone think this year is going to be any different? Many people I've talked to have been wondering if he's going to strengthen the case for war with Iraq. My guess is we'll see no new supporting evidence but instead we'll get heavy doses of rhetoric. I'd bet most people in this country would love to see Saddam gone but I think most don't want us doing this alone, with no allies, and with world opinion clearly against us. A move like that seems anti-American.

Thursday, January 23, 2003

Moroccan Sheepherders Launch New Music Site

My friend just launched the new incarnation of his band's web site.The Moroccan Sheepherders are to put it simply a great band. They have single handedly given me hope that real music is not dead. Check them out. Important people are discovering them. Check out this clip from a review:
"So, music made by the fruit of the imperialist pigs' loins!! I never realized the sons of those dogs could be so creative, and sensitive too. Great beats!!! Please play your album for your Commander-In-Chief so he will be too busy grooving to want to eliminate me." -- Saddamn Hoosein, "Politician", Baghdad, Iraq

Friday, January 10, 2003

Grande Soy Latte

Last night I had a bunch of writing to do. So after work I drove to the local Starbucks, ordered my drink of choice, booted up the new G4 Powerbook and started working. Much like Nick Denton I was off the network for about 3 extremely productive hours. Of course I was continually glancing at my Airport meter for the first 30 minutes which indicated a white hot wi-fi signal. The T-Mobile node was closed and I didn't try to hack it. Just as well. I needed to get my work done.