Thursday, August 08, 2002

Movies on the Brain

I love going to the movies. I'd almost rather go to the theater and see a bad movie than stay home and rent a decent one. I'm not really sure what it is about going to the theater. It probably stems from my childhood. I grew up in rural Southern New Jersey. While there were plenty of outdoor activities to keep a kid busy during the spring and summer, the fall and winter months we devoid of such diversions. That's when we'd hit the movies. It was like something out of "American Grafitti". My friends and I would cruise up and down the main drag of our town, along with all the other teens in town, in our souped up cars, see a movie, cruise, and then end up at the local Pizza Hut. (We didn't have a proper diner down there.) The quality of the films I watched as a kid varied. Remember this is Southern New Jersey were talking about here. So I grew up on a steady diet of Action/Sci-Fi/Horror low and high budget films. Philadelphia was always close so it wasn't all "Motel Hell" and "Halloween". I didn't have access to high minded cinema until VCRs became popular and we could rent foreign and other classic films. However, even when we could get things on VHS, this constant diet of movies has kind of conditioned me so that if I go too long without going to an actual theater I go through withdrawal. I think it works like human sexual habits. Do it a lot when your a kid and you kind of expect the same frequency.


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