Thursday, June 27, 2002

This Washington Post article details some of the increased probing activity that seems to be going on in cyberspace by possible cyber-terrorists. It also discusses some scenarios for combined cyber and convetional acts of terrorism. Pretty scary stuff. I started thinking that the other side is not vunerable in this way since groups like Al Qaeda seem to work in stealthy distributed groups using technology on a small scale for communications. I figured they had no big information infrastructure that was subject to cyber counter attack. But I think there are a few ways for the US to fight these groups in cyberspace. Propaganda and misinformation seem like a reasonable tool. Hijacking Al Jazeera's site or signals seems like a reasonable place to start. Probably the biggest theater in cyberspace that could hurt groups like Al Qaeda is in banking, credit card, and other money transfer systems. Freezing the assets, on the fly, of know supporting groups and individuals would seem to be very effective at helping to track these guys down and possibly disrupt their activities. I'm not sure why I'm talking about this stuff. I don't want more violence on top of violence. I think the best way to resolve the current world crisis is through diplomacy and understanding but sometimes I get tired of hearing of impending attacks, threat levels, and all of the new fun additions to our vocabulary. Sometimes I secretly yearn for the big break through. Osama's head on a pike. Peace in Israel/Palestine. World wide religious tolerance. The end of fanatisism. Mr. Fusion. Then there are times where I'm just wondering if this all could be solved by a few well placed ICMBs. It's tough being human.


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