Thursday, May 09, 2002

Axis: Bold As Love by Jimi Hendrix is one of my favorite albums. But my passion for this record goes beyond just humming and tapping along with the tunes. The title song of this album, which is the last track, is so beautifully perfect that listening to it brings tears to my eyes. Whenever I pop this CD in my car I end up replaying it dozens of times. To me the lyrics to the song are a rich tapestry of color and emotional images that document the somtimes chaotic battlefield of human emotion. Anger, Envy, Tranquility, Confidence, Euphoria, Fear, Daring and Love all play parts in this song. Personified as queens and knights on some chessboard or as colors on the canvas of our souls. The music is classic Hendrix. The song has a basic structure with very clean melodic guitar work, not overly distorted or effected. Pretty much verse-chorus-verse-chorus, false ending instrumental and a closing instrumental crescendo. This ending instrumental is an amazing aural exclamation point on this song. If there are angels and a heavenly host they play this ending over and over again in paradise. It soars and if it doesn't fill your heart with pure joy you'd better check your pulse. If you haven't heard this song please go out and give it a listen. It's one of the greatest songs ever written.


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