Tuesday, April 02, 2002

This situation is out of control. There is nothing that seems to be able to stop the Israelis and the Palestinians from killing each other senselessly. The U.S. seems completely impotent and our president is sending inconsistent messages. Of course we've backed ourselves into this corner. The "Bush Doctrine", which wages unrestricted war on terrorism, can be invoked by anyone willing to kill his neighbor. I doubt W realized it would be such a popular U.S. export. I also think he had no idea it would come back to hamstring his own forign policy. The Israelis keep justifying their military action by comparing it to what we are doing in Afganistan. I don't think either action is going to help much with respect to stopping terrorist actions not long term. And that is the crux of the problem. No one is taking a long view approach. No one is attacking the roots of the problem. There is a real war brewing here under the surface. It could spark a world war. I pray that it doesn't come. I don't want my children, or anyone's children, to be wasted in a conflict that could be avoided.


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