Tuesday, April 09, 2002

The New York Times is my primary news source during my long commutes. (At least until someone sets up reliable wireless internet access along the Northeast Corridor Line of New Jersey Transit .) Today was no exception but instead of it generating fuel for my blog because of the news contained in the paper I have to comment on the paper itself today, or more accurately, an ad in the paper. As I was flipping through the first secion of the paper, my eye was caught by a full page add on page A13. There staring out at me from the page was Mike Bloomberg's face beaming out at me. At the top of the page were the words "At Last, an Honest Politician". A big word balloon, containing the words "You bet I did. And I enjoyed it.", was hovering above Mike's head. At the bottom of the page "It's NORML to Smoke Pot. Hello! I couldn't believe my eyes. Mike is going to catch hell for this one. Hey but at least he's honest. Let see what the media does to him. Personally if he had anything to do with the ad I applaud his candor and honesty. The extent of the criminalization of Marijuana is probably overboard in this country. People are doing life sentances for growing plants in their own homes for their own consumption. Seems strange for a drug no more addicting than alcohol. I never bought the argument that Marijuana use leads to harder drugs. It doesn't make sense. I think there are some people that are just as likely to experiment with illicit drugs regardless of where they start. Most people I have known started using alcohol and cigarettes long before they start smoking pot or using other substances so why aren't they cited as triggers for harder drugs. Most people I know that used drugs when they were younger don't use drugs now. But some folks I knew that had problems at home or with self esteem did end up having substance abuse problems. Most of them are over that stage in their lives. I think what is criminal, or at least what should be socially unacceptable, is when the use of these substances turns into abuse but this is how I feel about most substances. This includes alcohol, tobacco, and even fast food. What you don't think fast food is a problem. Look around you next time you have to squeeze your tubby ass next to some other hefty guy in a crowded train. So I have no problem if a man or woman come home after a hard days work and instead of reaching for the liquor cabinent and mixing up a martini, instead reaches for his stash and lights up. It doesn't bother me one bit and it probably shouldn't bother the government either. What should bother us and the government is drug abuse (and remember I'm talking booze and cigarettes here). This concern should focus on treatment not incarceration. Nuff said. Now let's see what the press does to Mike.


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