Monday, March 11, 2002

When my alarm went off this morning I sat at the edge of my bed for 10 minutes staring into the darkness. I didn't want to go to work today. The fact that it has been six months since the attack on the WTC was very much on my mind. Today would be a good time for someone who wanted to make a point to try another desperate action. Today would be another opportunity for outraged, immoral Davids to cast another stone at Goliath. What would it be this time I thought? All that kept running through my mind was a brilliant flash of light as a little sun materializes over Times Square from someone's suite case, the shockwave running down the length of Manhattan, everything is on fire, and then waiting for the sickness. Images like this haven't haunted me since I was a child when I though U.S. and Russian warheads would obliterate the world. But this morning I was just worried my little slice of existence would be set alight. I know it's far fetched but your head can be a scary place to be at 5:00am. So I got up, got dressed, fought the paralyzing fear, and came into work. Last night, like many people throughout the country, I watched 9|11. I'm not sure why but I wanted to see the event through someone else's eyes. I was very torn about watching the program, but after viewing it I'm glad I did. It told a very moving story about the first firemen on the scene, how they tried to change a hopeless situation and the aftermath. CBS did a great job presenting the video shot that day. It could have been very distasteful. I think they showed remarkable restraint and created a worthwhile program.


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