Monday, March 04, 2002

We celebrated my daughter's 9th birthday this weekend. On Sunday my wife and I, mostly my wife, worked from 8:30am until about 5:00pm on preparing and hosting this shindig for 15 of her friends. It was an international theme so we made different snacks from all around the world and the kid's activities were all children's games from different countries. Tara organized and planned this event on her own. I was her helper starting Saturday when we went to get a few last minute items and when we started cooking and decorating on Sunday morning. My wife should do this for a living. She is truely creative and when it comes to parties of any sort she's the master (mistress?). Not in that Stepford Wife/Martha Stewart way either. She really dives in and is careful about what I sometimes think is the most mundane detail. But it comes out perfect because she pays attention to those details. She also runs these events. She explains the food, the activities, breaks up the eventual disputes over quantities of treats dished out, etc. I don't think a linebacker in the NFL has the energy to keep 15 eight to nine year old kids engaged for two and a half hours. But she does. I think it comes from the days when she taught Spanish and Italian to high school kids, another herculean feat. She is an absolutley amazing woman.


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