Friday, March 01, 2002

An Open Letter to Marek Grieve for now, but don't stop writing altogether. We were all disgusted by Perl's death. Not only because of the perpetrators but in a world that could let things like this happen to innocent people. Politicians, Terrorists, Journalists, we are all just people given to the darkest most vile id-monsters of human nature. However we are also capable of staggering beauty and sometimes deep compassion and understanding. So Grieve for now but don't let that grief go completely. Ball it up and drop it into that pot of creative juices and when the thing starts to seethe and erupt, get back to the damn keyboard and write, you madman. I'm a hack, a pretender, but your words gave me inspiration and laughter. It would be a shame if your voice was silenced forever by sadness. We need all the help we can get to sort out this life. Come on man. It's time to write again.


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