Saturday, March 09, 2002

I'm blogging from my daughter's elementary school. I'm chaperoning her over night school camp. The theme revolved around African-American arts and there were some brilliant performances by various groups. I was blown away by five youngsters from the The New Jersey Jazz Institute These kids, ages ranging from 15-17, were astounding. They played a piece called Minority ( I couldn't catch the name of the guy that wrote it. ) Amazing. Their drummer who was the youngest of the bunch played better than most adult drummers I know. Anyway now it seems that all the kids are starting to give into their exhaustion. There all going down one by one like punch drunk fighters trying to stay in the ring one more round. But they're all going down. They're all starting that rhythmic kid snoring that is starting to make me drowsy. Thank goodness I'm in the school library and there are computers with internet connections. Ah my tax dollars at work. Enough fun. Time to try to catch a few zees before these kids start trying to roam the halls.


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