Thursday, March 28, 2002

Has the web lost its stickyness? Rubbish! Riding into work today I picked up the dead tree version of The Times and found this article, by Lisa Guernsey, asking if the web has lost it's luster. Some, like Cool Site of the Day founder Glenn Davis, have lost their enthusiasm for the web. Davis says, stand back everyone, "The Web is old hat." ( The only old hat around here is the one on his head.) There are a lot of great things on the net and there continue to be more and more interesting uses discovered every day. Ever here of blogs or web services? (Yes that's right I said web services!). So what does this article site as examples of the golden days? The Spot, The Fishtank Cam, and the Coffee Cam. Holy mother of Jehosephat somebody get me a flamethrower! Are you kidding me? I wonder if Lisa Guernsey ever fires up a web browser. The web is not "old" hat. The web has changed and quite frankly the people that gather there are looking for more than just checking the level of a coffee pot at the University of Cambridge. Yes these things make us smile and it's fun to see these web toys pop up from time to time but for God's sake this is the most important technology to come around since the printing press. Why should we be satisfied in having a web filled with Potty Cams? Those were fun times. Yes I enjoyed my first 20 seconds at the dancing hamster site. But the web is definitly getting more interesting as more people get on line and begin to connect with each other. So stop diddling yourself with webtoys and surf around and make contact with the other people around here. That's what this is all about.


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