Tuesday, March 12, 2002

Has Disney Bought the Senate Commerce Committee?
I was reading in the Times that Michael Eisner, CEO of Walt Disney was pleading before a "sympathetic" group of senators of the Commerce Committe to ask them to instituted laws to regulate the computing platforms of consumers to allow the entertainment industry complete control over what can be seen by whom. Eisner and other industry leaders told the committe there was little incentive to release their libraries in digital form because of piracy. Who is he kidding? The record industry is releasing CDs, music in digital form, and have made tons of money even when Napster usage was at its height. The movie industry is still making money while releasing DVDs. These industry execs are insane. I love it when you talk about regulating any industry and companies will moan about how they want the government out of business but when they need help, they come with their hats in hand begging the government for relief. What enraged me is that the senators were "sympathic". I mean are the senators on this committee out of thier minds? Then I did a few searches on www.opensecrets.org and found that Disney gave The honerable Senator Hollings $22,500.00 and that the TV/Entertainment sector gave him over $264,534.00. These figures are all for 2002. Anyone else thing our government is not for sale? Where is this country headed?


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