Wednesday, March 06, 2002

Allchin admits breaking laws and hoodwinking the courts! What makes me sick is that these guys admit to breaking the law and what do you think is going to happen? I'll bet you the 11 dollars I made off your Amazon purchases this month (Thanks, BTW) that nothing will happen. The DoJ will probably just let it slide. What's more outrageous is that the premise of the CNN article is a lie. Listen clearly. IE CAN BE REMOVED FROM WINDOWS! They just haven't tried doing it yet and they never will as long as the US DoJ rolls over on these issues. Thank God the States Attorneys General are going to continue this fight. Monkey Boy (Balmer) spreads more FUD on the entire issue that the State's case, if they win, would mean open season on Microsoft by their competitors as they demand "infinite numbers" of windows versions. More bluster and bombastic pronoucements from a co-conspirator. Ladies and gentlement listen again: WHAT'S GOOD FOR MICROSOFT IS NOT WHAT'S GOOD FOR AMERICA. I hope the States skewer Microsoft.


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