Monday, February 11, 2002

Self-Death Memory-less reincarnation == death. What's the diff? If I die and come back as a chipmunk but I have no prior memory of my life then it seems philosophically/phychologically equivalent with death. That is unless my soul is somehow disconnected from my memory/intellect, in which case how does it remember the 10 Commandments? Maybe there is no soul? Maybe I am just intellect? These questions of self, online selves, are all tied up somehow in this central riddle. Maybe this is justs a pale projection of my intellect into this ghost world of bits. (Or maybe my intellect is what is pale.) I think I could use some stimulation. Maybe some Kant to improve my rants. Kant hurt. Connection. Being engaged with the people and happenings about me. I'm not sure when it sort of slipped. Sometimes I feel like Billy Pilgrim but instead of being dislodged in time I feel disloged in my own head. In my own sense of who I am or who I think I am. Which self am I really? Is there ever a singular notion of self? Is anyone really just one person? I can tell you gentle reader that from my angle I'm not so sure. That is not to say that there are 13 of us rattling around inside my skull but I'm sometimes confused on whether I am one person with may facets or one person with too many notions of self. I guess either option makes life interesting, but which one is healthy?


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