Friday, February 22, 2002

I went over to Marek and saw this. I too am shocked and horrified by Daniel Perl's death. Here was someone who could have been a conduit for communication, he could have helped spark dialog, but now he is dead. I am so sorry and feel sick that it ended this way. My heart aches for his wife and unborn child. And to the perpatrators may you rot in hell. Violence will beget more violence and you will loose regardless of how many people you kidnap and kill, regardless of how many buildings you destroy, regardless of how many innocent people you kill. You will be wiped from the face of the earth if you try to fight your way out of the situation your in. Don't look to Viet Nam for inspiration. What happened there is different. You are waking the sleeping giant. This is a dangerous game. Payback is a bitch. You have no idea what your doing. To our leaders, stop screwing around with bombs in the desert. Fix the real problems. Stop talking peace and start making it. Be smart. Protect the people. Not necessarily with violence but with intellect and compassion. Stop talking like a character out of a bad B-movie. Yes people have done evil but so have we. No one is without sin. Stop dropping the damn ball on us. Engage these fuckers before they show up on 42nd Street with a nuke-in-a-box. Notice I didn't say give in but start talking and listening. There is more than one way to get things done.


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