Friday, February 08, 2002

Greta van Susteren Is A Freak, But Fox News is Freakier Many people have seen the stories regarding Ms van Susteren defecting to Fox News and the supposed deal that included the requirement that she have cosmetic surgery to change her appearance. Being a not so avid night cable news consumer, I only caught her new image last night. I was horrified. This conversation took place just before I switched over to Adult Swim on the Cartoon Network: "She looks like an alien.", said my wife. "She's a freak.", I replied. "She's not a freak. She just looks like an alien.", she countered. I'm sure similar heated debates are raging in front of the old glass teat. But it really deserves to go way beyond her physical transformation into something that looks like another famous talking head, Clint Howard's alter-ego in the "Corbomite Maneuver" from the original Start Trek series. It really has to do with what Fox News is telling us about what they are doing. It's all about packaging. What's inside doesn't matter. "Check out the chicks! You don't even have to listen to what they are saying." I mean this is the worst type of insult any news organization could foist on the public. I'm constantly amazed at the capacity for our culture to poo-poo all sorts of violent, sexual, or other wise controversial content on the airwaves, but when a entire network is constructed around sex apeal and shock journalism no one bats an eye. I guess it's because they provide fair and balanced coverage and I guess there is a segment of the population out there that's lapping it up. The rest of us will at least be able to change the channel. Worse than the whole silicone injected broadcasts they are now selling is the terrifying exposition of someone selling their soul for money. Afterall, that's the bottom line isn't it? "Here is the bag of cash now all you need to do to get it is ________." Only Greta knows what else she gave up besides her appearance. Greta I'm sorry I called you a freak, but I wish you would have thought a bit more about what you did and where you went to work.


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