Tuesday, February 12, 2002

Crimes Against Humanity Milosevic is now sitting in front of an international court and will soon be confronted with his crimes. They are of course terrible and whether he sent the orders or just provided the fertile soil for the seeds of hatred to blossom into savagery isn't important. Thousands have been killed in campaigns of "ethnic cleansing". So as he sits there I wonder what is spinning in the minds of other heads of state. I'm sure some sit sweaty palmed wondering if they are next or if they will be accused by the people they oppress or by some outside nation that takes up their cause. Maybe even Dubbya is thinking about how the Afgan campaign will play out in a few years time, once we get the perspective of time. All the while another criminal, Kenny-boy Lay, pleads the 5th. While his crimes pale in comparison to Milosevic, Lay was head of an organization that defrauded millions of people out of their savings. Stuffing the people?s pockets full of Enron funny money while Lay and the other Enron execs filled their pockets with real cash. Screw the company options people. Take the currency. Legal Tender. Maybe that's why I'm a consultant. The lesson for today? Don't fuck around. The people you step on today are the ones that are going to help you into the chair, strap you down, and shoot 30,000 volts through your ass. Or they might be the ones to just spend their taxpayer dollars to see you sweat it out infront of a federal grand jury. Too bad you won't do any hard time. I might be moved to send you and economy sized tub of Vaseline. How's that for voice......


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