Friday, January 04, 2002

It's cold outside. Maybe we'll get some snow this weekend. I really don't like when its just cold outside an there is no snow on the ground or in the air. I guess its just my own youthful fantasy for a "snow day". Snow days were/are the best. The outside world with all of its daily pressures and anoyances just stops and its time for baking cookies with mom or playing in the newly fallen snow, or napping under a warm blanket. You have no choice becase the roads are all blocked, your car is buried beneath a foot of snow and getting deeper, and even mass transit isn't moving. Remember that? I do. It's rare that we adults get a snow day. Weekends and vacations don't count. They always get used up to do the things around the house that never get done because your too busy working. No the snow day is something special, a frosty time out. Nature says, "Chill....".


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