Thursday, January 10, 2002

I heard an interesting euphemism over the radio on my way to work today. The person being interviewed was English and used the phrase "she is with Abraham" to refer to his dead aunt. I was facinated by this simple reference. It makes it almost sound as if she were in the next town visiting a friend or relation. When I got to work I opened my email to find a message from an old high school buddy that I'm corresponding with these days. I'm sure the post 9/11 strain has forced me to cast my net wider these days in hopes of gathering as many connections to this world and the people in it. I know this journal is a manifestation of this feeling. Its about more than picking up where I left off with the old news letter. The news in the email tied these two themes together quite nicely, like a ball-peen hammer between the eyes. In his message he announced that he heard one of our former classmates died.


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