Thursday, January 24, 2002

Here is a scene between me, The Crusty Curmudgeon of Code and the Hip, Twenty-something, Slacker that sits next to me at work:
The Hip Twenty-something, Slacker (HTS) enters the office after her off-site coffee run, bearing a cup of steaming java, and a non-descript bag containing sugary treats. HTS places the cup and bag next to her keyboard, takes off her coat and plops down into the cheap vinyl torture rack this client calls a chair. The Crusty Curmudgeon of Code (CCC) glances up from his emacs session and speaks.
CCC: Hi. Did you go to Starbucks?
HTS: No way man! I support Mom-n-Pop institutions!
CCC: You mean like child abuse?
HTS: You are too wierd.
CCC: You have no idea....


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