Wednesday, January 02, 2002

Happy New Year and welcome to the new weblog version of Giolist! Yes, the old version is still around if anyone cares but I think this new weblog format is what I was hoping for in my life. Frankly, I wasn't doing that well anyway.

To start off this new life I'm exposing my New Year's resolution which should make it practically impossible to keep. Are you ready? This year I vow to give up Starbuck's coffee. This isn't out of any kind of anti-globalism sentiment. Nor do I want to keep the local coffee places in business. It's just that I've calculated that I probably spent about $1000.00 USD on coffee in 2001 and it's making me sick! Add to that the cost of all the overpriced scones I've scoffed and your talking real money here.

So if you stick around you'll see what happens. Will he make it? More importantly what will I do with the money I save? And you may find out a few things about me, my life, and the human condition. Not that I'm some kind of genius or anything but who knows I have been known to suprise people sometimes.


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