Thursday, January 31, 2002

Amazing Spam: Subject:URGENT ASSISTANCE {CONFIDENTIAL} From:"John Ewuba" Date:Wed, 30 Jan 2002 16:15:49 -0800 Attn.: STEVE Dear sir, I am making this contact with you base on the reliable information I gathered from the council for international co-operation and our camber of commerce. We have concluded to do this business with you base on the assumption that you will never disappoint us. The present civilian government in my country has set up contract review panel and we have identified a lot of inflated contract funds which are presently floating in the Central Bank of Nigeria ready for payment. However, by virtue of our position as civil servants and members of this panel, we cannot acquire this money in our names. I have therefore, been delegated as a matter of trust by my colleagues of the panel to look for an overseas partner into whose account we would transfer the sum of twenty two million dollars. We have agreed to share the money thus: 15% for the account owner (you) 80% for us (the officials) 5% to off-set all local, international expenses incurred in the course of actualizing this transaction. Please note that this transaction is 100% safe and risk free and we hope to complete the transfer lasted fourteen banking days from the date of receipt of the following information, your banks name, address, telephone, fax and telex numbers and your bank account number and your personal (private) telephone and fax number for easy communication. All contacts for now should be through e-mail for security reasons. Waiting your urgent response. Yours faithfully, Engineer John Ewuba.


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