Monday, January 07, 2002

Ah alas, no snow.... The kids and I were disappointed. Well there is always next time. I had been so warm all winter we haven't had any snowfall at all around here. I miss it. I got a picture from my cousin Giuseppe of his daughter. He lives in Italy. The baby is beautiful. My grandmother is in one of the pictures. She is holding the baby. My grandmother is a jet setter. She flys back and forth between the States and Italy almost once every six months. However since 9/11 she's been in Italy and I think she's afraid to come back. I look at her in the picture an I think she looks a bit sad. I think she wants to come back here and see her sons, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. I think by flying back and forth so much she's rooted herself in two places. I'm not sure she can be happy staying in just one place anymore. There's always someone, something, or some place that's misssing. It must be very strange. It's unsettling to think about. I've got such a stable life. Everyone is here. Althought I miss my grandmother, and my Italian relatives, my main focus is here. When I go away I have somewhere to return to that I call home. I really don't know where Nonna feels at home. That's even more unsettling. The fact that I don't know... No Starbucks has touched my lips. It's pretty easy. I think I'm going to give up bacon, egg, and cheese on a roll breakfast sandwitches as well. Now that's something real hard to give up.


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